I’ve cartwheeled in China, stared down bison in South Dakota and gotten lost in Samoa. All for the story, of course. I enjoy sharing them almost as much as I love finding them.

I wrote my first story at age 7. It was a fictional account of a bear named Q who received a puppy for Christmas. I later transitioned to global nonfiction work: I’ve written about spending a night at a women’s homeless shelter in Arizona, efforts to combine development with livability in Myanmar, wage increases for female factory workers in Cambodia and federal immigration policies in the Northern Mariana Islands, among other issues. My stories have been published by The Associated Press, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, NBC News, Marie Claire, Al Jazeera America, Travel Weekly and others.

In early 2017 I traveled across India reporting on issues relating to women and girls through a fellowship with the International Reporting Project.

I’ve also written and photographed for the United Nations in Indonesia, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and Silicon66.

I’m passionate about the issues facing women and indigenous peoples, global poverty, social entrepreneurship and historic preservation..

Outside of work, I enjoy exploring new countries by foot, drinking coffee while posting photos to Instagram, sweating away at the gym and on the hiking trail, and impromptu dance parties with friends. If you’d like to discuss a collaboration, please email me at kristi.eaton@gmail.com.

And because I know you’re curious to know what I look like:

Headshot 2

This is me on a photoshopped day.


And this is me on an average day with above-average scenery at Bokor National Park outside Kampot, Cambodia.