Whether you’re a new or experienced writer/journalist navigating the ever-changing industry, or a publicist wanting to learn how to best work with journalists, I am available to coach on a one-on-one or small-group basis via phone or Zoom or through WhatsApp communication. 

I have more than a decade of experience in journalism, working for the Associated Press as a staff reporter for nearly four years. As a freelancer, my pieces have been published in The New York Times, Reuters, The Guardian, Business Insider, NBC News and elsewhere. 

I have also written for nonprofit and global development organizations, including The Hunger Project, The Fistula Foundation, Heifer International and The InteRoots Initiative. 

If you’d like to schedule an appointment or set up a recurring meeting, please email me at with your time zone and three to four possible times that work for you. I will process an invoice and email it to you before our first scheduled meeting. Payment can be accepted through Venmo, Zelle or Paypal.

“Kristi helped me find the confidence and practical tools I needed to just keep pitching! In the end, I got my first article published… in the Toronto Star! Wouldn’t have done it without Kristi’s help. 10/10 would recommend her to help any aspiring writers out there learn how to do this thing.” – Sarah

“Kristi is a life-saver. She taught me how to craft a professional-sounding pitch and helped me find the right outlet for it. She offered guidance every step of the way, showing me how to navigate the industry, providing feedback for my ideas, and preparing me to conduct my interviews. I don’t know how I would have had my first piece published without her.” – Jacob